Mineral Lotion SPF 30, 3.4 fl oz

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Broad spectrum SPF 30 zinc-only sunscreen

Reef-Friendly Non-Nano Zinc Formula
A Zinc-only sunscreen in line with EU regulations for
nanoparticles and the Hawaii reef-friendly mandate

Remarkably Clear
A higher-than-most dose of zinc (20%) that's surface-treated to provide the highest levels of transparency available for a mineral-based sunscreen without compromising protection

Fragrance-Free Formula
Possesses only its natural aroma — a light, zinc-like note that provides a delightfully subtle, fresh backdrop when lounging

Premium, smooth feel
Formulated with an optimal balance of niacinamide and shea butter to provide a smooth application, avoiding the notoriously dry feel of mineral sunscreens

Suitable for Aquatic Recreation
Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Water-Resistant (80 Minutes)