Ingredient Spotlight: Antioxidants

By Jordana Mattioli, LE





Defend Your Skin Against Pollution and Free-Radical Damage

A major way in which our skin and body ages is from free radical damage, also known as oxidative stress. Research has shown that applying antioxidants topically (like vitamin E and coenzyme Q10) can actually slow down this kind of damage. 

Firm Skin and Fight Wrinkles

As we get older, some of the substances that keep our skin elastic and firm start to break down; antioxidants (especially ones rich in omega fatty acids or vitamin A) can help slow down this process.


Some antioxidants (like vitamin C and resveratrol) even have the ability to improve your complexion by brightening uneven skin tone.


For soothing redness, some antioxidants like beta-glucan and green tea polyphenols stand out for their ability to calm the skin.



There's really no "best" antioxidant but we have abundant research on vitamins C and E, ferulic acid, green tea polyphenols and coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), which is why you will see those used frequently. Combinations of antioxidants prove to be even stronger - so the more, the better! Several of your skin care products should contain an array of antioxidants; if you aren't sure, try adding in an antioxidant serum. Be sure to use them in the morning to give your skin a boost of protection under your sunscreen. 

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For Anti-Aging

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For Oily Skin

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