Autumn at CompleteSkinMD

By Joanna Mattioli, LE


Change is in the air! The fall season inspires us to embrace new beginnings and pumpkin spice everything. We have a few helpful reminders for the season.


Unpack your retinoids

If you took a few summer months off from using your retinoids (retinol or prescription tretinoin), this is the time to start acclimating your skin to them before the cold season sets in. Start using your retinoid twice a week, and after a month or so, try increasing the frequency to every other night. If you experience any redness or irritation, then reduce the frequency with which you are using it. Application is easy: after washing your skin and allowing it to dry fully, apply a pea-size amount of your product to your face and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then you can add a hydrating moisturizer on top. If you haven't been using a retinoid, great formulas to start with are Skin Better Science AlphaRet or Skin Medica Retinol Complex .5%  If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend starting with a gentler form of Vitamin A like Environ EssentiA C-Quence Serum which you can find at our office. Moisturizing on top is key to preventing dryness, which is common with retinoid use. 


Get rid of sun damage...

To refresh your skin post-summer, we have a large selection of chemical peels ranging from light to strong, most with minimal to no downtime. Chemical peels will refine your pores, remove layers of accumulated dead skin, and get you back your glow! Any stubborn dark spots that don't come off after a peel can be treated with one of our lasers.


..and fine lines

Chemical peels will treat the top layer of skin, but for deeper resurfacing, laser treatments may be a better option. Our Fraxel or Clear&Brilliant lasers improve superficial imperfections but also boost collagen to plump up fine lines and wrinkles. These also work great for your chest and hands!


Get the body you want for next summer

Even though Memorial Day '18 is many months away, fall and winter is the time to start treatments that take multiple sessions. Since we aren't spending much time outdoors and are wearing more clothing, this is the perfect season to start laser hair removal to be fuzz-free for next year. Another consideration is Sculpsure, our popular body contouring laser treatment that will treat stubborn fat pockets in time for your winter holiday break. 


Upgrade your skincare

Just like swapping out linen tanks for cashmere sweaters, our skincare also needs to be rotated. We tend to use lighter products in the summer because of the heat, humidity, and overall sweating; but with cooler air comes drier skin. Try a more emollient moisturizer at night. We love SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore, SkinMedica TNS Ceramide Cream, and Environ C-Quence Cream. We have many options for creamier SPF formulas too: try our Elta MD UV Facial SPF 30. It's our fluffiest creamy moisturizing sunscreen. And in case you were wondering, yes, you still need to wear sunscreen every day! Not sure where to start with your skincare upgrade? Schedule a facial with our esthetician, Jordana, who will also customize a routine for you.


Get your annual body check

When you see us for a complete skin checkup, expect a review of your medical history and a head-to-toe skin examination. This is a good time to ask about any spots you are worried about; we can educate you about what to look for, such as any changes in the size, color, borders, or shape of a mole. Any notable changes in a mole or other spots should be checked out. The earlier a skin cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat successfully.