SPF: A Nurse’s Perspective

By Hayley Kim, BA, RN

I love a good skincare regimen, especially one that is evident on a radiant complexion. My bedroom vanity holds a great antioxidant serum, a great facial oil and a great moisturizer. However, what really stands out from the rest of my regimen is simply sunscreen. A quarter size of sunscreen on my face DAILY has truly made the most impact. Remember, it is easier to keep healthy skin than it is to reverse the clock of sun damage. UVA (A for aging) and UVB (B for sunburns) rays are constant and not just present when we are at the beach sunbathing. The longer wavelength UVA rays can penetrate through clouds or even car and office windows. People may think a tan looks appealing, but it is the result of damage by the sun! When skin goes through repeated cycles of suntan and sunburn, it compensates, leading to inflammation, thin skin, wrinkles and genetic DNA mutations, which can lead to the development of skin cancer.


As stronger UV rays are approaching in the next few months, I hope you enjoy the nice weather but also start becoming conscious about your skin.  Whether your skin ranges from fair to dark, or dry to oily, skin is skin and wants to breeze through each day, stress-free. Skin radiates when it is in a healthy state!  It is just as important to apply sunscreen as it is to eat healthy. Sunscreen protects your outside as wholesome food protects your inside. For the past five years, I have never left my house without wearing sunscreen. Results? I have seen dramatic changes in my skin. Fewer sunburns, less discoloration and fewer acne breakouts, but more importantly an undeniable glow. This glow elicits compliments. 

Trust me, no one ever regretted looking good. So pick up that sunscreen and get your glow on!

Side note: I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Hale and Dr. Karen, two competent and caring dermatologists with whom I work at CompleteSkinMD, who are providing a platform for me to express my passion for skincare and beauty. I hope you found my first blog insightful. Let’s hope for many more to come!